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Community Health Initiatives:

AROH is running several community health programmes with the help of resources drawn from community, corporates, civil society and volunteer support. Some of the major programmes carried out duting the year are

health1Identifying health problems and hazards in different areas:

Under this programme we carry out surveys to identify area-specific health concerns and try to find their root causes. Problem is tackled by adopting a two-way strategy – removing the cause on the one hand and providing medical aid in the other. Such surveys were carried out in 4 villages of Dadri Block.

Programme for Healthy Living:

The project supports the national reproductive and child health programme in its aim to reduce maternal, neonatal and child mortality. It’s aim is to improve overall immunisation coverage, raise awareness about the indispensable role played by routine immunisation in protecting a community’s health, improve the quality of emergency obstetric care and promote an integrated management of early childhood illnesses.

Gender mainstreaming is of special concern to us. Due to their lower social status, girls are far more at risk of malnutrition than boys their age. Partly as a result of this cultural bias, up to one third of all adult women in India are underweight. The project seeks to provide the healthcare facilities to girl children and to create awareness about equal status and facilities for both girls and boys.

Project Duration: The duration of the project is one-year in each area. The frequency of camps depend on the local needs.

This year AROH organised the camps in 2 villages.

Bal Swasthya Shivirs (Child Health Camps) organised in Villages Aghapur and Harola of NOIDA. Regular periodal camps are organised in these villages and follow-up was kept. The  camps provided:

  • Provide free health check-up facilities for children upto 12 years of age.
  • Provide free vaccination for infants.
  • Provide counselling to mothers for better health and hygiene
  • Check if there is any neglect in healthcare of a girl child by the mother or the family.

It was observed that the children suffered from various general problems. Generally they had ENT problems. The parents were given awareness about the hygiene and sanitation.

health2 health3

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