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Self-Help Group – Creating Income Opportunities:

projSelf-Help Group is a channel through which micro finance is routed to the poor in the belief that it will prove catalytic in helping them to pull out of poverty. SHG is a group formed by the community women, which has specific number of members like 15 or 20. In such a group the poorest women would come together for emergency, disaster, social reasons, economic support to each other  have ease of conversation, social interaction and economic interactions.

The poor women come together with the intention of saving and rotating loans amongst the members. Once these groups stabilize, they are accorded formal support from the banking system so as to widen their lending capacities

AROH Foundation has been forming SHGs with the motive of empowering the downtrodden, the marginalized and under-privileged section of the society who are left behind in the process of development initiated by various agencies/ departments. The target group primarily consists of the women, the small and marginal farmers, the grass-root level entrepreneurs, the slum dwellers, the dejected and distressed. Their formation being for the socio-economic development of these persons the primary concern is normally to make finance available to them in a commercially viable but not exploitive in nature, so that they could optimally utilize the available resources with them both human and natural.

AROH Foundation has formed 16 SHGs comprising of around 300 women.  Under SHG women are mobilized and organized into Self Help Groups. The size of SHG varies from 10 to 20. Formation of groups, training of members, inculcation of saving habits, credit activities and income-generation programs are being taken up in a phased manner. Beside savings and loan activity these groups serve as a forum for the poor woman to

  • Voice their views
  • Interact with one another
  • Share their experiences
  • Exchange ideas on various issues
  • Initiate collective action on vide range of social personal and economic issues

proj2After a period of consistent savings say 06 months the SHGs start rotating their savings in the form of loans for micro enterprises and other activities including consumption .Only those SHGs that have performed well in rotating their internal savings are linked with bank credits. The groups are yet to be credit linked with bank.

AROH is at present performing the role of facilitator for their linkages to the bank. AROH Foundation is already providing them technical assistance and support services such as identification of livelihood opportunities, technology upgradation and upgradation of their vocational skills. Based on market potentials and training in respective areas, members have started making articles like handmade paper products, Garment, Art & Crafts Products etc. which they market through the help of the organization. Members have also received training in Dress Designing, Art & Crafts, Hand made paper etc.

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