Artisan’s Rehabilitation

By , February 8, 2010 9:51 pm

Artisan’s Rehabilitation Programme:

rajRamkumar is one of the many skilled artisans who are unable to make a decent living. Any one else in his place would have long left his craft and taken up a vocation at a construction site.

With a needle and some waste wool he goes about creating his masterpieces not minding the crowd gathered around. All this he does in different local markets just to sell his equipment to create for Rs 10/- a piece.

When asked he says that he cannot make more than 800-900 rupees per month. But is still holds his skill close to his heart.

He shows us one the simplest methods of creating a beautiful handicraft which is an embroidery form and can be used to make wall hangings, rugs, cushion covers, table cloths, throws, bed linen, curtains, etc.

He cannot make finished goods using his craft as he cannot afford the raw material. Sales is another problem. People buy his needle sometimes out of curiosity sometimes out of pity. Some even give him 10 rs as alms. He is a sad man today. With tears in his eyes he tells his story.

His children have not learnt this craft from him, rather they are not taking it up for vocation as they see their father suffering.

Ramkumar still sees hopeā€¦ one day he might be able to have a subji with his roti.

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