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By , February 8, 2010 9:34 pm

Maternal Health Programmes:

Promotion of maternal and child health has been one of the most important objectives of AROH.  The Maternal Health programme covers Child Survival and Safe Motherhood and includes an additional component relating to reproductive tract infection and sexually transmitted infections.

maabachaIn the last decades, the life expectancy of the population in India has shown remarkable improvement from 41 at birth in 1961 to the present day of 65 years.  Yet, over a 100,000 women in India continue to die of pregnancy related causes every year.  The Maternal Mortality Ratio in India is 407 per 100,000 live births (SRS, RGI 1998).  The major causes of these deaths have been identified as hemorrhage (both ante and post partum), toxemia (Hypertension during pregnancy), anemia, obstructed labor, puerperal sepsis (infections after delivery) and unsafe abortion.


Reduction of maternal mortality is an important goal.  The major interventions include:

Essential obstetric care: intends to provide the basic maternity services to all pregnant women.  The RCH Programme aims at providing at least 3 antenatal check ups during which weight and blood pressure check, abdominal examination, immunization against tetanus, iron and folic acid prophylaxis as well as anemia management are provided to the pregnant women in our target area.

Emergency Obstetric Care:

Complications associated with pregnancies are not always predictable.  Therefore, emergency obstetric care is an important intervention to prevent maternal morbidity and mortality.

24-Hours Delivery Services:

To promote institutional deliveries, provision has been made under the current Programme to give additional honorarium to the staff to encourage round the clock delivery services.

Training of Dais/midwives:

A scheme for training of Dais was initiated and at least one dai is trained in one village.

RCH Camps:

In order to provide the RCH services to people living in remote areas where the existing services are underutilized, camps are held for checkups.

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