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AROH Foundation has started an initiative called UDAAN. Project UDAAN is an intervention targeted specifically towards the underprivileged women and youth population through Vocational Training – that is giving them equal opportunities to pick up and learn a new skill, supplemented further by counselling and guidance services hereby nurturing and empowering them till they reach a level where they are not only self-sufficient, but they in turn make a valuable contribution to society.
Aim here is to introduce the trade according to the needs assessment of the community on the basis of educational relatives, occupation, demand of the trade and identification of beneficiary. Those trades will be identified which are relevant for the economy of the area and will be helpful in creating jobs for individual or for group activities.
The Project envisages to setup Centres for Vocational and Life Skills Training in various locations depending upon the local industry requirements. There will be a nodal UDAAN Centre to cater to the bigger urbanised industrial setups and smaller UDAAN kiosks will be set up at village-level. One nodal UDAAN Centre will support, supervise and monitor 10-15 UDAAN kiosks.

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